Drugs: Costs & Consequences

Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause

Testimonials - Hagerstown, Maryland 2015

The comments were created by visitors to Target Maryland in Hagerstown, Maryland on the Memorial Wall.

In Remembrance Of:

Jordan - 18 - Pill Overdose… R.I.P.

Nathan - Heroin - Died in the restroom found by his younger son.

My baby sitter…she died from drugs.

There are some good drugs and some bad drugs... good drugs-medicine and bad drugs-cocaine & heroin...stay away from them!

Keith…You are forever with me…love you homey!

North High School student - Suicide…O.D.

My 3 cousins and nephew killed due to drugs!

Frederick High School student that got shot by guys in drug gang.

Ricky Snow - Hancock, Md. Heroin – Dead 4/14/15.

Kahrl Rhett Jr. - You are missed…may your spirit live on!

Catoctin High School student - fly high Jacob Loudon…love you.

Betty Preston – Heroin & Cancer…always in our heart…5/14/15.

For each of my sisters…who are on-going addicts struggling with sobriety. They are alive but I fear for them every day! -- B

Fabio Fertilli – Nitrous Oxide…2/6/13.

R.I.P. Milton Bowers – killed by Drunk Driver.

Adam – Heroin & Suicide.

Boonesboro High School…Tragedy…3 students lost in 2 weeks to Heroin…O.D.