Drugs: Costs & Consequences

Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause

Testimonials - Leesburg, Virginia 2016

The comments were created by visitors to Drugs: Costs & Consequences in Leesburg, Virginia on the Memorial Wall.

Wonderful exhibit and terrific event tonight! – Loudoun Co. Town Hall Carol/Leesburg, VA

I love this exhibit. It is beautiful! Geoff/Alexandria, VA

The museum was amazing. I learned so much. I would totally come here again. Herbie/Leesburg, VA

Very moving and essential… Thanks. I will be back. Phil Tatler/Leesburg, VA

This exhibit is very informative and enlightening. You will experience things about the drug world you never knew. This exhibit is a must to educate yourselves! Kim R./Ashburn, VA

Awesome exhibit! I will be back…. With guests. Michael/Leesburg, VA

The people that deal the drugs and the measures that they take to transport illegal drugs are sad and worrying. All the dealers care about is money and not what the effects do to people. Peter/Ashburn, VA

As someone with a person in the family very ill from drugs, I have learned facts that I wish I had known years ago. I will be back to learn more! Pat Sommers/Leesburg, VA

Educational and picked up good info for family. Eileen/Leesburg, VA

Very informative, interesting, helpful, insightful. Thank you, thank you. Also, it was scary learning the dangers and how to be responsible. Learning how to help others and stay safe and say no with a plan! Debbie/NY

Today I learned that drugs affect the body in a lot of ways and that you should stay away from them. This museum taught me what will happen when you take drugs and how to get out of a bad situation. An overall great experience. Celine/Leesburg, VA

Get the facts, know the signs. Educate others. Learn about the global impacts. Mike/Leesburg, VA

Great for everyone to see! Nydia/Round Hill, VA

This is a very useful tool for education. Jonas E./Annapolis, MD

Amazing and teaches a lot. It really brings you down to earth. Samantha/Ashburn, VA

I think this is a great place. More and more people should come to learn about drugs and all the terrible things that can happen! David/Virginia

Very educational. Loved the exhibit. Earfon/Chantilly, VA

I really liked the interactive parts. Chris/Loudoun

It’s not good to do or sell drugs because it can hurt or kill you. Don’t do drugs. Rachel/Leesburg, VA

Interesting to see the patterns of trafficking worldwide! No one thinks about where the drugs come from and all the chemicals being used! River/Midland, VA

Great experience for the residents of Loudoun County. Tim/Purcellville, VA

This exhibit turned out great! John Redmon/VA