Drugs: Costs & Consequences

Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause

Testimonials - Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2015-2016

The comments were created by visitors to Drugs: Costs & Consequences in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the Memorial Wall.

In the local story section my mother talked about my brother’s death. I’ve been sober in AA for over seven years. I'm no longer sad and lost, I help other’s recover. You can recover. R.I.P B.K.

Nichole F.
Miami, Florida

Good exhibit, great message, learned lots, loved it.

Lily C
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Stop it, get some help.


Yolo be drug free.

Spencer  F.
Aventura, Florida

Don’t do drugs kids. It’s not as safe as you think.

Broward County, Florida

A very nice exhibit, try less fear mongering as it has been proven to be ineffective over the years.

Orlando, Florida

There is some valuable info, but what about the consequences of war on drugs...

New Jersey

Thank you for educating us on the side effects and consequences of specific drugs.

Joel Davie

Every person needs to be exposed to this information. The impact of drugs in society and individual lives becomes so clear with this exhibit. Thank you for making it available.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida